TakeBreak Make

TakeBreakMake is an after-school, youth media based project for high school students in the midlands. Hosted in the Helen Hill Media Education Center, in partnership with the Nickelodeon Theatre and USC’s Women and Gender Studies program, TakeBreakMake provides video production and media literacy instruction through the lens of queer theory for the purpose of empowering high school students to not only tell their own story but to develop new modes of storytelling.


At the beginning of the program students will dive into their first assignment – taking, breaking, and making the internet. Collecting videos from all over the web related to LGBT rights, issues, or lives, students will cut them down into smaller accessible montages assessing the current state of queer media. After this exercise, students learn about the history of LGBT youth culture in the media through a screening of Vito Russo’s The Celluloid Closet. After this introductory period, a new film topic will be introduced every two weeks, paired with a prominent figure or idea in queer theory, to which the students will create works that respond, exemplify, or critique.

Near the end of the program the students will be expected to create a 5-10 minute manifesto film, which will be the accumulation of their skills and research done over the course of the workshop. All manifesto films and a selection of the shorts will be screened at the end of the program at the Nickelodeon theatre where students will get the chance to participate in a post screening talk-back. 

Click here to download the program application.

Student Works

A World in Motion

by CAS


by Cailan Jones


by the TakeBreakMake students

They Will Deem Us Drowning

by The TakeBreakMake Students


by Dana Dixon

Gender Galaxy

by The TakeBreakMake Students