Invisible Hands was created in the 2019 Rural Project and recently released online with The Bitter Southerner. The short is an intimate film documenting a group of Mexican seasonal laborers in rural South Carolina. The film is set at a farm in Ridge Spring, a historically conservative community with strong links to their Confederate heritage, but also the temporary home of hundreds of seasonal workers who double the town’s population for more than half the year. The community is an island that the characters never leave except the few months they return home to Mexico. This film follows a typical day in their shoes.


Director/Editor: Yulian Martinez-Escobar
Producer: Seth Gadsden, Indie Grits Labs
Cinematography: Seth Gadsden & Yulian Martinez-Escobar
Sound Editing: John T. Thompson
Music: Opo

Indie Grits Labs is a non-profit organization that works to serve communities through media education, artist driven projects, and the Indie Grits Festival in Columbia, South Carolina.


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As a non-profit, this decision was very difficult for us, and we anticipate some difficult financial constraints in the coming months. Currently we are moving our programs into a virtual space including all Fellowship activities, a newly curated live stream screening series (see above), media literacy programs, and our Festival Livestream Pop-up (see above). If you are able, we encourage you to continue renewing memberships and making donations.

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