Media Literacy Labs

Media Literacy Labs are field trip-based programs that bring groups of students out to the Nickelodeon Theatre for an educational cinema experience complete with popcorn and drinks. Instructors are also equipped to visit groups on-site at a school if needed. Programs include hands-on educational activities, film screenings, and engaging games.

What is Media Literacy?

Media Literacy is a 21st century approach to education. It provides a framework to ACCESS, ANALYZE, EVALUATE, CREATE and participate with media messages in a variety of forms — from print to video to the Internet. Media literacy builds an understanding of the role of media in society as well as essential skills of inquiry and self-expression necessary for citizens of a democracy. Media Literacy encompasses the informed creating, consuming, evaluating, and communicating of media in all its forms. A fully media literate individual can better understand what they see and hear through media channels such as television, Internet, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, video games, music videos, etc. Not only does this involve the development of problem-solving and technical skills, but also analytical thinking, such as critical viewing and comprehension.

How to Register

Please email us at and we will provide you with information about the programs, films, and logistics. We are interested in working with you in making sure the labs work for you and are flexible in our abilities to meet your media education needs. Note – For registration, right click and download form, fill out in Adobe Reader, and send to

Academic Standards

For more info about the Media Arts Standards and ELA Standards used in these projects, reach out to us at Our director, Seth Gadsden, was a part of the team that wrote the new SC Media Arts Standards, implemented in 2018. Academic rigor is present in all of our education programs. Info is also available in the presentation itself for teachers to reference and prep students before the session.


Indie Grits Labs develops and creates and workshops all curriculum, working hand-in-hand with our instructors and teachers in the media arts community. Our curriculum and programming is updated and developed on a rolling basis as the media landscape is a fluid space in an ever-changing field of study. We do not operate in a silo. We work with and have partnerships with many organizations in our field including:
Jacob Burns Film Center
The Alliance

Our Media Literacy Labs are broken down into four distinct categories: CineLab, DocLab, StoryLab, and MediaLab.

CINELAB // K – 12th

CineLab dives deep into the language of cinema. CineLab presents the tools and techniques of narrative filmmaking while exploring themes in literature, world cultures, languages, social studies, and science. Each CineLab focuses on one central theme or concept to explore using the fundamentals of cinema. While the movies we use are in flux, the content is constant. For more information about movies that are available now as part of this program, contact, or click below to register.

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DOCLAB // 4th Grade +

This program delves into the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking as a tool for Framing the Truth. Exploring the “spectrum of representation”, DocLab asks students to consider what forms of bias and distortion can direct an audience’s understanding of a non-fiction subject in documentary filmmaking. This involves analyzing techniques such as the interview, music, the use of archival footage, reenactment, editing, verité style, and much more. Each DocLab combines this educational introduction with examples of these skills being used in the context of various themes across documentaries. For more information on what themes are available now as part of this program, contact, or click below to register.

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Story Lab is a multi-media K-5 program for developing readers and writers in the craft of storytelling. Covering a wide range of stories and storytelling methods from around the world, StoryLab explores the basic archetypes that all stories share, and provides the tools for students to craft their own stories. Exploring fundamentals of plot, setting, characters, as well as more nuanced techniques, StoryLab educates via fun activities, screenings, writing exercises, music, and games.

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MediaLab takes a look at the media streaming into the screens that proliferate our everyday lives. MediaLab investigates mass culture including news media, social media, advertising, and music videos. Each lesson is made to be relevant to student interests, and to develop a literacy that enables youth to better understand the complex messages we receive from all forms of media every day. Each version of this lab takes on a different theme with a different form of media. For more information on what themes are available now as part of this program, contact, or click below to register.

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