TakeBreakMake (TBM) is an after-school, youth media based project dedicated to LGBTQIA+ identified high school students in the midlands. The program provides video production and media literacy instruction through the lens of queer theory for the purpose of empowering high school students to not only tell their own story but to develop new modes of storytelling.


TakeBreakMake students immediately dive into their first assignment – taking, breaking, and making media. Collecting videos from all over the web related to LGBT rights, issues, or lives, students cut them down into smaller accessible montages assessing the current state of queer media. Students learn about the history of LGBT youth media culture through various screenings of repertory and contemporary films.

Throughout this workshop, students will be creating nearly a dozen short works, including documentary, experimental, and narrative (or any combination). However, near the end of the program, the students will be expected to create a 5-10 minute manifesto film, which will be the accumulation of their skills and research done throughout the program. All manifesto films and a selection of the shorts will be screened at the end of the program at the Nickelodeon Theatre.

Goals and Objectives

1. Develop stronger video production and media-literacy skills in high school students.
2. Students will deepen their understanding of queer theory and how it relates to media and youth media culture.
3. Students will be encouraged to explore new avenues of self-expression through media.
4. Students will explore different forms of media and how their various elements contribute to storytelling.
5. Foster creative writing, technical writing, and public speaking skills.
6. Help students Analyze, critique, and interpret ideas, issues, and/or experiences presented in the media and formulate their own viewpoints and responsive works in response.
7. Create opportunities for students to pursue post-secondary education and/or employment opportunities through the acquisition of video production and photography training.
8. Create a knowledge of digital citizenship and a personal sense of responsibility in the media arts.

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Student Works

A World in Motion
by CAS

by Cailan Jones

by the TakeBreakMake students

They Will Deem Us Drowning
by The TakeBreakMake Students

by Dana Dixon

Gender Galaxy
by The TakeBreakMake Students