Indie Grits VideoLab is an after school, hands-on media arts experience designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore the world of media arts, animation, and experimental filmmaking processes. We offer an inclusive, accessible environment that opens up opportunities to explore storytelling, utilize media arts technology, learn various animation techniques and most importantly express and empower oneself creatively.

Perks & Opportunities


• Meet and learn from filmmaking professionals and media artists from around the Southeast, US.
• All participants have the opportunity to show their work on the big screen at the Nickelodeon Theatre.
• Access to professional video and animation equipment.
• Behind-the-scenes access to all Indie Grits Labs events and the Indie Grits Festival.
• Unique opportunities through out the year from special events and special guests at the Nickelodeon Theatre.
• Free tickets to Nickelodeon programming


1. Students will practice self-guided and inquiry-based learning.
2. Instructors will provide tools and collaborate with students to help them find answers, learn, and meet challenges as they arise.
3. nstructors will present weekly hands-on workshops, screenings of media artworks with discussion, and media literacy labs.
4. All students will have a schedule of events and activities with which they have access.
5. Lesson plans will be available for parents upon request.

Goals and Objectives

1. Practice Collaboration.
2. Focus on the creative process using media arts tools to find and express one’s voice.
3. Develop an understanding of Media Literacy knowledge and skills.
4. Learn, explore, and experiment with current technology and traditional filmmaking practices.
5. Learn the processes of presenting and sharing media artworks including public speaking.
6. Build literacy skills around storytelling, scriptwriting, and research.

Cost Structure

VideoLab accomodates 10 students in the program per semester. Cost includes all materials, equipment, software, and snacks for students. All payments are non-refundable.
Non-Members: $450 per semester | $800 per year
Nick Members: $350 per semester | $600 per year

*Scholarships are available on a limited basis for students with financial need.

Get Involved

VideoLab is open to students in 8th grade and above in the midlands area with permission from a parent or guardian.

Interested in joining?
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