Indie Grits Festival | April 12-15 2018

Purge This Land

Saturday, April 14 at 4:00 PM
Plays With: bridge/refrain Fluid Frontiers
Lee Anne Schmitt | Los Angeles, CA | 80 min
Genre: Documentary Feature


Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Open City Documentary Film Festival, Purge This Land is an intimate and historically poignant essay film about the legacy of slavery and racism in America. Revolving around the story of John Brown, the radical abolitionist who was sentenced to death in 1859 for attempting to lead an armed revolution, Schmitt’s film–set to a moving jazz score by her partner, Jeff Parker–takes us from the 1850s to the present to revisit various episodes of racial violence and resistance and to contemplate how this troubled history continues to impact our struggle for a more equitable future.

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