Indie Grits Festival | April 12-15, 2018

Pak Anggir

Friday, April 13 at 7:00 PM

Feature Block: Farmsteaders

Ashleigh Goh Hua | Austin, TX | 10 min
Genre: Documentary Short

A traditional Balinese farmer strives to preserve his culture and protect its practices from the inevitable gentrification of his island.

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Meet The Filmmaker

We asked our filmmakers some questions about them and their work. For further questions, join us at the designated post-screening Q+A!

Ashleigh Goh:

1. What is your connection to the South?

I moved to Austin, TX properly in 2016. Before that, I was living in Singapore, where I had grown up and resided most of my life, and for personal reasons existing in that space was extremely difficult. So Austin means a lot to me: it’s the city where I regained autonomy and exercised self-determination, the place where I found community and connections, and where I completed my film Pak Anggir – a project I started while still living in Southeast Asia!


2. Where did you get your inspiration for this work?

I was extremely intrigued by the universality of the spiritual connections that diverse groups of people had with the Earth and the lands they coexisted with. I wanted to use the medium of documentary filmmaking to explore this spirituality as well as the universality of the human condition.

3. How did you start making films?

I started making films at college, and like most people blundered through my first few projects. (Nobody will ever see the first film I’ve ever made.)

4. Did anything interesting or funny happen on set during the shooting?

In Bali, we had rented a little Suzuki Jimny for transportation during production. First of all, the brakes and seat belts barely worked, and we sure as heck didn’t have insurance. Secondly, we were not equipped to drive in Bali at all – there’s a rhythm to the traffic that is simply overwhelming to navigate as a non-local, with countless mopeds weaving in and out of traffic. Thirdly, it was a stick shift, which was not something we were too familiar with. So it was definitely an adventure, to say the least, to immediately hop into that little car when we landed at the airport and try and drive to our destination.

5. What do you look forward to the most during Indie Grits?

This is the first time a film of mine is screening at a film festival, so that’s really exciting! I’m also looking forward to meeting other filmmakers and navigating a new city with a new group of people.

6. Why should someone see your film?

The film is a portrait piece that gives insight into a way of life that’s detached from realities we are familiar with. In the context of global capitalist critique, I think it’s important for us to be aware of and learn about the diversity of narratives that exist in this world.

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