Indie Grits Festival | April 12-15, 2018


Thursday, April 12 at 2:30 PM
Friday, April 13 at 9:15 PM

Shorts Block: Body Chronicles
Via Bia | Arlington, VA | 11 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Yola, a twenty-something year-old tattoo aficionado, recalls the origins of her lifelong love of ink for a (fictional) documentary crew: the day of her first communion nearly two decades prior, when she was a rebellious little kid. This spunky, slice-of-life short was shot on stunning 16mm color film.

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Meet The Filmmaker

We asked our filmmakers some questions about them and their work. For further questions, join us at the designated post-screening Q+A!

Via Bia:

Several years ago, I wrote a feature script called, THE RADISH BABY, a magical realist story about a carved radish that comes to life. I get it. That sounds a little weird, but stick around because back to the autobiography request… THE RADISH BABY has a secondary character who once “told me” a story that never made it into the feature script, but later became the basis of THESE COLORS DON’T RUN. You bet I keep all the scraps and tidbits of every script I write because who knows when they might be of help in the future! It’s also not a stretch to say that THESE COLORS DON’T RUN was inspired by own upbringing in a religiously strict Latinx family run by my mother and grandmother. All these years later, I am still processing!

I started screenwriting after my little girl was born, and I was at home taking care of her. During her naps, I’d poke through my files of personal essay, editing them, and thinking through ideas for new stories until one day… I had the idea for a story that sounded like a movie. CUT TO: TWO WEEKS LATER.

I was deep into writing my film script when I had the realization that movie-writing probably had its own format. Thanks to the internet and some sort of Screenwriting for Dummies book that I got out of the library… two months later, I had my first feature-length screenplay. Within a few years, I was being asked to write comedy content for Youtube, thanks to some Twitter connections, and I also began working on small film productions in the Washington DC region. THESE COLORS DON’T RUN is my first work as writer/director.

The project was shot in Austin, TX, where my Sundance Screenwriting Lab Advisor (through the Latino Screenwriting Project), Michael Tully (PING PONG SUMMER; DON’T LEAVE HOME) could help attach an experienced crew, and also where I felt sure that I could find Chicanx actors, which was necessary for our story – a Chicanx story that mostly takes place on the day of a little girl’s first holy communion.

During auditions, there was one girl who was wearing an actual first communion dress and veil. When our team peeped that kid in the waiting area, we all hyperventilated for a minute but then controlled our joy and played it (somewhat) cool. As it turned out, the little girl was going to have her first communion THE NEXT DAY.

She had risked getting her dress dirty before her first communion just like the little girl does in our film’s story. Holy cow!

To add a cherry on top of her rad “costume” choice, and 3-4 hour drive from her hometown of Dallas (all for the reading)… she NAILED the audition. That girl, Maggie Celeste, personified the feeling of our character YOUNG YOLA, and she got the part. Both she and her family were true collaborators throughout the entire process, and she was awesome to work with. And now we’re heading to Indie Grits!

And on that Indie Grits tip… I have to say, I’d heard good things about this festival but actually had no idea that y’all programmed so many Latinx films. Whenever I submit to a festival, I look through prior festival schedules to get a sense of the programming and lemme tell ya… my eyes about popped out m’head when I saw so many film titles in Spanish, and Latinx names for the directors. So we are most definitely stoked to be part of a festival that’s excited to include Latinx voices, and we can’t wait to see Latinx faces in the audience. To me, providing media representation for Latinxs is why I’m doing this work – so that we can feel connected and feel that our stories are valued in the world.

But just so you know, THESE COLORS DON’T RUN will likely resonate with you if you grew up in a religiously strict environment; are an immigrant/first or second generation American; are a girl or woman; or have had any situation in your life where your need to be creative and explore pushed hard against the grip of rules around you. And honestly… isn’t that all of us?

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