Fiction Medley

What flavor are you after? There are plenty to choose from in this cinematic smorgasbord. Whether you’re hankering for a bittersweet lunar fairy tale, a southern-fried sibling rivalry, a slowly simmering revenge fantasy, or something else entirely, our Fiction Medley can satisfy your cravings. Expect a range of delights, served a host of different ways–from goofy comedic narratives to blood-pumping thrillers and beyond. There’s something here for every palette. Go ahead. Dig in.

Magic Video – “Coffee Grind Brains”

Patrick Nugent | Philadelphia, PA | 3 min
Genre: Music Video

A shower-capped marshmallow struts toward Video Village, and a tub of mayo hurtles past Saturn, all while a feel-good pop tune thrums in the background. Indie Grits darling Patrick Nugent collapses time and space in his new music video, an ecstatic, neon-tinged feat of computer-animated imagination.

Hornet’s Revenge

Jing Niu | Los Angeles, CA | 4 min
Genre: Narrative Shorts

With help from an all-girl skate gang, a cashier at a Chinese restaurant exacts revenge on the racist, entitled man who insulted her. Hornet’s Revenge is the second film by Indie Grits alum Jing Niu screening in this year’s festival–check out her music video “Chalo” in our Pleasure Pursuits block.


Ryan McGlade | New York, NY | 13 min
Genre: Narrative Shorts

Eerily funny (in a downright Lynchian way), Bennifer follows Jed, who–years after being kidnapped by a man in a canoe–returns to his parents’ lakeside manor for an ill-fated reunion with his mother. Shot on sun-washed film stock, this surreal comedic short is not to be missed.


The Moon’s Milk

Ri Crawford | Oakland, CA | 14 min
Genre: Animation

A gruff sea captain, his daughter, and an intrepid crew of misfits sail toward a distant expanse of sea, where a rapidly receding moon (and its delicious milk) can still be reached from Earth. Tom Waits lends his trademark rasp to this stunning stop-motion odyssey, serving as the film’s narrator.

Truck Slut

Ryan Craver | New York, NY | 15 min
Genre: Student

Frank and funny, this expertly crafted coming-of-age tale charts the turbulent relationship between a gay teenager and his Instagram-obsessed older sister, an explosive personality used to getting her way in their small southern town.


Lance Kestrel Johnson |Brooklyn, NY | 11 min
Genre: Narrative Shorts

Starved of his favorite vices by a health-conscious girlfriend, a man rents a motel room by an industrial park to indulge in what has long been denied him.


Her Body 

Juan Avella | Los Angeles, CA | 10 min
Genre: Narrative Shorts

In this adrenaline-fueled narrative short, a woman left for dead by her abusive partner wakes up in a body bag, and quickly realizes she’s going to have to fight her way out of this dangerous predicament. Her Body features slick cinematography and thrilling hand-to-hand combat sequences.

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