There are multiple ways to fest! Buy a festival pass to get the whole Indie Grits experience or buy individual tickets to each festival event.

  • Individual Film Tickets

  • $11 – Film Screenings: GA Price
  • $8 – Film Screenings: Nick Member (price does not include the Weekly Revue, Puppet Slam, or music events)
  • $6 – Film Screenings: Student (available at the Box Office only— price does not include the Weekly Revue, Puppet Slam, or music events)
  • $6-11
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  • Individual Event Tickets

  • $10 - Weekly Revue, Puppet Slam, and Snap to Grid (Closing Night Dance Party): GA and Nick Members
  • $10
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Purchasing and Policies

Here are the ins and outs of passes, individual tickets, how to purchase, and more. Take a look 🙂


Festival Passes

You must wear your festival pass to receive festival pass benefits. Reserving your tickets in advance is strongly encouraged. Your festival pass does not guarantee you a seat, so you must reserve in advance for a guaranteed spot. The festival pass does not act as a fast pass. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early to each programmed event to guarantee your favorite seat in the house! A festival pass is non-transferable and can be used only for the benefit of the named holder.

Festival Pass Pickup

Beginning March 18, 2020, passes will be available for pick up at the Nickelodeon Theatre Box Office (1607 Main Street, Columbia, SC) from 3 PM to 9 PM, Monday through Friday. During the festival itself, passes will only be available for purchase in person at the Box Office.

Festival Passes: How to Reserve Tickets

Beginning March 01, 2020, you will be able to reserve your spot at festival screening and special programming for this year. You will be able to reserve tickets in advance with your Blackbaud login you created through the festival pass purchasing process. Your username is the email you used to purchase your pass. If you have any trouble logging into your account, please call the Nickelodeon Theatre at 803-254-8234.

Individual Tickets

Tickets are first come, first served. Online ticket sales cut off one hour before the screening, and there is no assigned seating. All tickets can be purchased through the Nickelodeon Theatre at the Box Office, located at 1607 Main Street, Columbia, SC. The Box Office opens one hour before the first screening of the day.


Individual Tickets may be refunded up to 24 hours before the screening. Festival passes may be refunded up to 24 hours before the first day of the festival. Festival passes cannot be refunded once the festival has begun (March 28, 2019). In the rare case of extenuating circumstances such as extreme weather or changes to scheduled programming, refunds for unclaimed tickets will be processed up to 24 hours after the scheduled screening.

Late Arrivals & No Shows

As a courtesy to our patrons and to ensure the highest quality theater-going experience the Nickelodeon reserves the right to stop selling tickets 15 minutes after the feature film begins. Our seating period begins 30-minutes prior to show time and concludes 15-minutes after showtime. Please arrive at the theatre early in order to find the best seat in the house!

In the event of a sold-out screening, the Nickelodeon reserves the right to release unclaimed tickets to the standby line 15 minutes after showtime. If you anticipate being late to a screening, please contact the Nickelodeon Box Office by phone at 803-254-8234 and dial 0, or e-mail us at to request for theater to hold your tickets. Refunds will not be applied to unclaimed tickets.

Sold Out Film Screenings and Waitlists

Those screenings which have sold out will have a standby list and will be sold on a first come, first served basis. A limited quantity of standby tickets become available for most sold-out screenings. A standby list will be created 1 hour prior to the scheduled showtime. To be added to the standby list call the Nickelodeon box office at 803-254-8234 and dial 0. In order for your place on the standby list to be valid you must arrive at the theater and check-in with management 30 minutes prior to showtime and be present when your name is called.

The Nickelodeon Box Office

1607 Main Street

Festival pass pickup is available at the Nickelodeon Theatre Box Office at 1607 Main Street. The Box Office opens 30-minutes prior to the first Nick screening of the day. Give us a call at: 803-254-8234

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