Encoded Visions

For stark, honest assessments of the times in which we live. For visionary explorations of identity and alienation. For alarming, disturbing, and—on occasion—bleakly funny films that ponder questions of antisemitism, whiteness, conspiracy thinking, and other subjects of controversy, turn to Encoded Visions. These short films contend with the fracturing forces of media and technology, scrutinizing their outsized influence on our culture as well as ourselves. Whether such disintegration can be remedied remains to be seen.


Gavin Jennings Harwell | Charlotte, NC | 4 min
Genre: Narrative Short

While his family waits for dinner, a young boy watches a sex worker’s livestreamed performance online. This pungent commentary on Internet culture and our propensity toward disconnectedness culminates in a shocking final scene.

Dirt Daughter

Marnie Ellen Hertzler | Baltimore, MD | 13 min
Genre: Narrative Short

A security guard overcome with loneliness turns to an unlikely source to find a companion, but quickly realizes that she must make some serious changes. Indie Grits alum Marnie Ellen Hertzler was named one of the 25 New Faces of Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine in 2018.


Madeline Pieschel | Atlanta, GA | 5 min
Genre: Experimental Short

Babies bouncing in toy chairs, friends competing at the bowling alley: each moment of this found footage collage, composed entirely of home videos shot on September 10, 2001, is tinged with dread for the era to come.


Your Pizza is Outside

Julia Elizabeth Evans | Los Angeles, CA | 9 min
Genre: Narrative Short

You can learn a lot about a person by the way they behave online. We witness Simon’s fast-paced scrolling through subreddits, Tinder messages, and World of Warcraft exchanges as he waits for a Papa John’s delivery, learning a great deal about his worldview in the process.


Caroline Williams | Studio City, CA | 4 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Set to the song “Opossum” by the indie folk group Wardell, this slice-of-life narrative short follows a California mom who endures a series of painful cosmetic injections while visiting the doctor’s office.

Conspiracy Cruise

Brad Abrahams | Austin, TX and Miami, FL | 13 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Off the coast of South Florida, a cruise ship vacation designed for conspiracy theorists takes a turn for the surreal when the group’s outlandish notions start to come true.


Petting Zoo

Daniel Robin | Atlanta, GA | 11 min
Genre: Documentary Short

When Indie Grits alum Daniel Robin was a kid, a news crew came to his home to film a segment on Jewish culture with his rabbi father. Drawing on that footage, and invoking the voices of classmates who saw it, Robin addresses the enduring power of antisemitism in the US.

Ye Goatherd Gods

Henry Moonrod | Columbia, SC | 4 min
Genre: Student, Experimental Animated Short

Awash in vivid pastel tones, the lush, digitally rendered abstract animations in Indie Grits alum Henry Moonrod’s latest animated short, Ye Goatherd Gods, are accompanied by a series of hypnotic sounds—from soaring strings to echoing voices and more.

White Male

Jared Hogan | Charlotte, NC | 4 min
Genre: Experimental Narrative Short

Incisive and unflinching, White Male disturbs with its timely vision of an identity shaped wholly by resentment and rage. Set against real-life audio from a Columbine High School shooting 911 call, this experimental narrative short observes an anonymous young man succumbing to his destructive impulses.



Roger Beebe | Columbus, OH | 25 min
Genre: Experimental Short

This “desktop cinema” essay from Indie Grits alum Roger Beebe, an assessment of consumerism’s impact on our psychic and physical geography, visits four cities across the United States where e-commerce titan Amazon’s original distribution centers were located.

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