Forever Young

Untamed, unguarded, and coursing with youthful energy, the audacious narrative shorts and music videos of Forever Young thrill with tales of reckless abandon. Whether they’re indulging in a Disney World Grindr hookup, inciting rebellion in a middle school classroom, or dispensing dubious advice on a desert telephone, these protagonists and performers submit heedlessly to their instincts and impulses, living intensely, without fear or reservation.

Unfinished Business

Mary Dauterman | Brooklyn, NY | 7 min
Genre: Narrative Short

In this madcap narrative short, a goofball male stripper is summoned to a seedy, out-of-the-way motel in the dead of night, where four taciturn businesswomen (all attired in their finest 80s-era workplace garb) wait patiently for his arrival.

Is That All There Is?

Chris Molina | Miami, FL | 6 min
Genre: Documentary Short

Reeling after a breakup, and increasingly worried that all of his friends are going to leave him behind in Miami for professional opportunities elsewhere, a forlorn young man journeys to Disney World in search of solace.

Nicotine – “Running”

Leo Aguirre | San Antonio, TX | 5 min
Genre: Music Video

Whether she’s wandering through a field of wildflowers at dusk or smoking with friends beside a creek, raw feelings from a woman’s past can’t help but intrude on her present. Tinged with sadness, “Running” is a pensive, expertly photographed study of one woman’s interior life.


Date Movie

Emily MacKenzie & Sasha Solodukhina | New Orleans, LA | 10 min
Genre: Narrative Short

A woman (Jamie Neumann of HBO’s The Deuce) endures a date with a self-proclaimed “male feminist” for one reason and one reason only: sex. Inspired by many true stories, Date Movie received the Audience Award at the 2019 New Orleans Film Festival.

The Restoration – “I’ll Never Leave You”

Christopher Tevebaugh | Columbia, SC | 5 min
Genre: Music Video

Filmed over a two-day period at the South Carolina State Fair, I’ll Never Leave You features guest vocals from Tim Eriksen (featured on the soundtrack for the Academy Award winning film Cold Mountain), as well as an on-screen appearance by fair-circuit-touring one-man-band, Bandaloni (AKA Paul David).

The Woodpecker

Courtney Bush, Will Carington, & Jake Goicoechea | Brooklyn, NY | 7 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Indie Grits power trio Courtney Bush, Will Carington, and Jake Goicoechea return to this year’s festival with The Woodpecker, a comedic narrative short about Richard, a man eager to impress friends at an animal-themed housewarming party.


Contour – “New Garden” 

CHILD Studio & Contour | London, United Kingdom & Charleston, SC | 4 min
Genre: Music Video

The dreamy, percussive sounds of Charleston-based producer Khari Lucas—who performs under the name Contour—pair exquisitely with the crisp, unadorned elegance of 16mm color film in this entrancing music video, an emotional exploration of conflict and self-preservation.

Kiber’s Cosmic Caregiving 

Madison McClintock | Albuquerque, NM | 5 min
Genre: Experimental Short

That’s not a desert mirage you’re seeing. It’s Kiber, of Kiber’s Cosmic Caregiving, standing by to assist you—via telephone—with whatever ailment you’re facing. Whether it’s the temptations of salami, stubborn toe fungus, or something else entirely… Kiber can help!

Las Robertas – “Together Outrageously” 

Maria Luisa Santos | San José, Costa Rica | 3 min
Genre: Music Video

When their teacher falls asleep in class, a group of girls is free to cut loose. The zingy electric guitar sounds of the woman-fronted Costa Rican punk band, Las Robertas, are the perfect soundtrack for this tale of school-age rebellion from Indie Grits alum Maria Luisa Santos.

American Waste 

Jordan McLaughlin | Winston-Salem, NC | 27 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Deliciously off-kilter and gorgeously photographed, American Waste follows junkyard caretaker Joan and her layabout boyfriend Miles, a couple whose nighttime run-ins with public access psychics, eyeliner-dependent metalheads, and a host of other oddballs force them to reconsider their attachment to the deadbeat town they call home.

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