Gritty Creatures

Welcome, one and all, to our menagerie of malevolence, where bayou beasts, flesh-hungry forest dwellers, Area 51 martians, and all manner of Gritty Creatures are arrayed for your viewing pleasure. If you’re a seasoned Grits-goer, eclectic in your tastes—as assured in your love of splatter horror as you are in your love of quirky character studies—you’ll delight in these ingenious genre-inspired shorts. Expect an elevated heartbeat, bucketfuls of viscera, and a whole lot of DIY spirit.

The Rougarou

Lorraine Caffery | Mandeville, LA | 15 min
Genre: Narrative Short

After her drug dealer father’s release from prison, Gerty—a watchful backwoods Louisiana girl of no more than twelve—begins to lay traps for the mythic Rougarou, a bloodthirsty monster that her old man claims attacked him in the recent past.


Kate E. Hinshaw & Andi Avery | Atlanta, GA | 6 min
Genre: Student, Experimental Narrative Short

When Leah returns to her Georgia home for the last time, she is confronted by a particularly invasive strand of kudzu that forces her to reckon with her past. Using hand-painted 16mm film and VHS footage, Kudzu tells the story of overgrown towns and the forces that push residents out.

Frog People

Kathryn Van Buren | Austin, TX | 13 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Recently estranged from her mother, awkward, plant-obsessed Maury moves into a rundown motel and crosses paths with a mysterious young boy in a frog mask. After the boy helps her shoot a video application for a long-term space voyage to Mars, their fragile bond is tested.


The House Guest

David Walton Smith | Charleston, SC | 10 min
Genre: Narrative Short

After a series of spectral encounters in her new home, Suzanne reluctantly joins forces with her best friend Lizzie and two bozo ghost seekers to perform a seance and summon whatever spirits reside there.


David Axe | Columbia, SC | 2 min
Genre: Narrative Short

Armed with nothing but a knife and a mantra (There’s nothing in the shed. There’s nothing in the shed!), a woman approaches a rundown old building in the dead of night, in spite of her fears—and the sinister sounds emanating from within.

The Way Station 

Jason Affolder | New Orleans, LA | 8 min
Genre: Narrative Short

In Indie Grits alum JR Affolder’s The Way Station, a scuzzy, travel-weary salesman discovers that there’s something sinister afoot in Room 215 at the Evergreen Plaza Inn, the roadside establishment where’s he’s stopped for the night to rest.



Madeleine Richardson | Asheville, NC| 7 min
Genre: Narrative Short

In the not-too-distant, near-apocalyptic future, the sun rarely comes out, food shortages are the norm, and the threat of flooding is omnipresent. Against this bleak backdrop, a gay couple hungry for new experiences hunt for a “third” with whom they can share their relationship.

Old Man Planet 

Jesse Quales | Lexington, SC | 4 min
Genre: Student, Narrative Short

An old man who controls the weather (and also happens to be the lone inhabitant on a gloomy planet) abandons his dog on his front porch to confront an intruder.


Scott Lazer | Brooklyn, NY | 12 min
Genre: Documentary Short

After a prank Facebook event goes viral, thousands flock to the disappearing town of Rachel, Nevada (twenty-seven miles north of Area 51) seeking knowledge, thrills, and common ground. This mesmerizing documentary short is the latest from Indie Grits alum Scott Lazer.

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