Community Radio Station

Welcome to The Grain!

Building off IGL programming over the last two years, the mission of the internet-based radio station is to engage and amplify the voices of North Columbia.

We Promise To:


  • Prioritize, engage, and amplify the voices of North Columbia residents
  • Provide media literacy education opportunities
  • Foster civic engagement through shared content creation
  • Advocate for positive narratives about North Columbia
  • Remain independent
  • Be accountable to the North Columbia community


Looking Ahead


By June 2020, the station will offer 15 hours of originally produced programming per week covering local news, culture, and entertainment; created by community members of North Columbia; and be available live and through podcasts.

So how you can listen to this radio station?

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we work on linking our radio stream to this webpage.

Wondering how you can get involved?

Submit a radio program idea below! Or reach out to our Radio Coordinator Sherrie Belton at