Curtis Heru

The Source Seeds

by Curtis Heru

The Source Seeds Comic is an unapologetically conscious comic told from an African centered narrative. The Source Seeds are everyday people who’ve activated their extraordinary abilities by unlocking an ancient primordial door within them, which reminds them of their unique and infinite power.

Artist Bio

JCurtis Heru was born in Raleigh, NC but raised in Kingstree, SC. He is the owner of the free enterprise Hakuna Matata Unlimited, which offers Vibrational Therapy, African Fashion, African Dance, Art, Meditation, Cultural Discourse and their Spiritech products. At Benedict College he served as an instructor for the School of Business and Economics, received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with an instrument specialty in saxophone, and is currently an Associate Artistic Director for an African cultural performance troupe. Curtis is also a candidate for a Master of Arts degree in Ethnomusicology from Kenyatta University, in Kenya. In 2011, Curtis was featured on a nationally broadcast musical TV series in Nairobi, Kenya, and has also been honored with the key to the City of Quibdo, Choco in Colombia for his leadership skills and work towards the ongoing fight for the enlightenment of the African Diaspora.

Concept by: Curtis Heru
Developed by: Curtis Heru
Gauge Santiago
Dogon Krigga
Artwork by: Gauge Santiago
Dogon Krigga

“…It’s a comic book about young college students and high school students who gain special powers from a source in nature. It amplifies different human genomes, from teleportation to telekinesis, to being able to communicate with all living things, animals, and plants. Their adventures connect to the African diaspora, so it’s not just African Americans. Their adventures might take them to Kenya, or Tanzania. So the adventures are global, but the setting is North Main here in Columbia. Some of the local businesses will be in it, Hyatt Park will definitely be in it, and other things that reflect the community.

Orgone Sculpture Installation at Hyatt Park