Walking and the Art it Created


by Fart.PDF

Walking and the Art It Created is a mixed media and photography-based lookbook/magazine that both listens to and speaks with residents of North Columbia. This lookbook, paired with audio gathered throughout the process as well as a short film shot and edited by Daniel Hare, were presented in a live installation in Tapp’s Art Center’s window display throughout the month of April.

Artist Bio

Columbia, South Carolina native, Fart.PDF (Benjamin Moore) is a self-taught conceptual artist of many mediums. Experimenting in abstract painting, graphic design, poetry and photography, Fart has served as, what some may consider, a bridge between both local and neighboring youth-driven artistic communities. Using Instagram as his primary platform, Fart began sharing his work publicly since late 2013 and has showcased his unique yet relatable mixed-media pieces throughout most of South Carolina’s biggest towns. Going by the alias “Farticus Was Here ®,” he has barely touched the surface of the impact and impression he wishes to have in the millennial avant-garde influences so prominent in today’s artistic expressions.

“What can be most appreciated about this area? How would describe the essence or what matters most? How might forthcoming changes effect your home or business?”

The Installation


Photos by the FotoBros

In Process

Photos by Daniel Hare
Artwork by Fart.PDF