Laura Kissel and Betsy Newman

Eau Claire Story Museum

by Laura Kissel and Betsy Newman

The Eau Claire Story Museum combines material culture with neighborhood conversations to build a collaborative portrait of Eau Claire in 2018.

About Laura Kissel


Laura Kissel is a professor of Media Arts in the School of Visual Art and Design at the University of South Carolina where she teaches courses on media culture, video production and documentary filmmaking. Her Emmy-nominated documentary about a global, cotton supply chain—Cotton Road (2014)—has been translated into four languages and exhibited around the world in film and video festivals, at community events on sustainability, and in classrooms. It was included in SCETV’s inaugural season of the nationally syndicated public television show Reel South and broadcast on more than 75 national public television stations, including in the major markets of New York and Chicago. She was an Invited Featured Artist at the Robert Flaherty Film Seminar in 2011 and a Fulbright Research Fellow in 2009. Laura is a long-time resident of North Columbia and a board member of the Columbia Rowing Club.

About Betsy Newman


Betsy Newman is a documentary producer and web content developer specializing in making programs on the history and culture of South Carolina. To date she has produced twelve documentaries about the Palmetto State. A South Carolina native, she worked for many years in New York City as an independent producer, video artist and media educator. In New York she created video installations on feminist themes in a laundromat and a beauty parlor. Betsy has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and is the recipient of a CINE Golden Eagle and a Webby Award. Her interactive multimedia website Between the Waters received an Award of Merit from the American Association for State and Local History in 2017. She is a 2016 recipient of the South Carolina Governor’s Award in the Humanities.