Mary Brebner


The Power of Words


by Mary Brebner

The Power of Words examines the power of media messaging through a collage of headlines and leads from the past five years for the North Main and Eau Claire areas. The findings of this project helped solidify the need for conversation and critical examination of how we report on and present information.


Artist Bio


Mary Brebner is an educator, writer, journalist and graphic designer who uses her skills to engage journalism students in the active pursuit of balanced stories that affect them and their community. A member of the Journalism Education Association and South Carolina Student Press Association, she holds a Master’s Degree in Divergent Learning, advises multiple publications, teaches high school creative writing, and is in her 18th year in the classroom.

“I’m looking at it from a journalistic standpoint. I’m a journalism teacher, so right now I’m investigating headlines from the past five years, using The State newspaper. I’m using key terms like Main Street, North Main Street, Earlwood, Elmwood, Eau Claire. So I’m pulling headlines on the different neighborhoods, as well as Main Street, to see how things are covered, and what the differences are in the headlines.”