Tahirah Spann


by Tahirah Spann

The Grow Lab is an indoor hydroponics/aquaponics mini research lab, where community members are invited to learn about innovative methods of food production. The goal of The Grow Lab is to cultivate the connection between agriculture, nutrition and overall wellness, while celebrating the food cultures already existing within the community.

Artist Bio

Tahirah Spann is a California-born, South Carolina-raised food equality advocate and educator. Growing up, the importance of whole foods to overall wellness were instilled, leading her to work within schools throughout Northern California and South Carolina implementing agriculture, art, and literacy projects. It was these experiences that exposed her to the vast disparities in food access and education. Realizing that many students simply didn’t know where food comes from or where food scraps go, and more importantly the role we all play in this process, Tahirah made it her life’s work to change the perception of food through exposure and access. In 2015, Tahirah founded the Sugar Beat Project, an organization whose aim is to develop community-centered sustainable food practices and increase food access and awareness as a means to restore holistic wellness and vibrancy in our communities.

“How do we get community members back in touch with healthy food in a way that will contribute to their well-being? And how do we do this in an innovative way, with an approach that steps outside of the norm but is respectful? While it’s important to know more traditional ways of growing food, I think hydroponics or aquaponics has more flare and engages people in a different way.”